Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

Acupuncture and Obesity

Obesity is not the same as overweight. Obesity is the term to explain excessive fat in the body, while overweight means that our body has excessive weight. This weigh can come from bone, muscle, fat, and or water. Both term mean that somebody has more weight than they should. [note]Obesity: MedlinePlus, https://medlineplus.gov/obesity.html[/note]  




Somebody can tell if they are regarded as obesity if : - Our clothes felt to tight - The scale show that we have more weight - There are fat around our waist - Our BMI is higher that it should. [note]Obesity symptoms | healthdirect, https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/health-topics/topics/obe/signs[/note]  


Obesity happen because we dont burn enough calories compared with calories that get in to our body. Obesity can happen due to following reasons : - Poor diet - Not enough physical activity - Genetic factor - Certain medication [note]Obesity - Causes - NHS Choices, http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Obesity/Pages/Causes.aspx[/note]  


Related Acupuncture Points : CV12 Acupuncture Treatment For Obesity Obesity is considered as a serious disorder. Fortunately, acupuncture can treat this disorder effectively. Traditional chinese medicine see obesity happen due to some cause including heat in the stomach and intestine, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, and or qi deficiency. Based on this pattern, a number of acupoints can be targeted during the treatment of obesity, which are including Neiguan (P6), Fenglong (ST40), Liangmen (ST21), Guanyuan (R 4), Zusanli (St 36), Tianshu (St 25), and Quchi (LI 11). However, auricular acupuncture, which is acupuncture to the acupoint near the ear seems to be more effective when dealing with obesity. This is maybe because auricular acupuncture proved to be effective when stimulating the nerve. Common auricular points used for obesity treatment are Hunger and Stomach points. Another point used is Shenmen point. [note]International Journal of Obesity - Acupuncture for the treatment, http://www.nature.com/ijo/journal/v27/n4/full/0802254a.html[/note]  

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